Tent Leg Drapes - 8 Legs

Tent Leg Drapes - 8 Legs

Tent Leg Drapes

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Transform Your Outdoor Space with Tent Leg Drapes


Create Privacy and Comfort

Elevate your outdoor space with our premium Tent Leg Drapes from Bounce House Broward. Each curtain measures 8.2 ft (250 cm) long and 6.6 ft (200 cm) wide, providing ample coverage to create a private, shadowy, and comfortable environment. Perfect for large patio doors, French windows, or sliding doors, our drapes ensure optimal privacy and sun control for any outdoor occasion.


Convenient Pack of 8

Our product includes 8 pieces of patio curtains, along with 8 ropes, ensuring you have more than enough to cover and beautify your outdoor area. Whether you're looking to establish a scenic setup or divide your outdoor space, this pack caters efficiently to all your decorating needs. Please note that the canopy is not included.


Ideal for Various Locations

Bounce House Broward's Tent Leg Drapes are versatile and perfect for any setting, including residences, churches, schools, and public parks in Broward County, Florida. Turn any space into a stunning event area that's both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Why Choose Our Tent Leg Drapes?

  • Perfect Dimensions: 8.2 ft (250 cm) long and 6.6 ft (200 cm) wide for optimal coverage.
  • Enhanced Privacy: Offers complete coverage for large openings, ensuring privacy.
  • Sun Control: Shields from harsh sunlight, creating a comfortable environment.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for various settings like residences, schools, churches, and parks.
  • Flexible Decorating: Convenient pack of 8 curtains and 8 ropes for flexible use.
  • Upgrade your outdoor event decorations with Bounce House Broward's Tent Leg Drapes and create an inviting, private, and beautifully styled environment. Perfect for any occasion in Broward County, Florida.

Ready to transform your outdoor space? Book our Tent Leg Drapes today and enjoy the perfect blend of privacy, comfort, and elegance at your next event!



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