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Shooting Range - Zombie Edition

Shooting Range - Zombie Edition

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Setup Area: 12W x 10L x 9T


Zombie Shooting Range: The Ultimate Foam Dart Challenge


Dive into a thrilling adventure with our Zombie Shooting Range, a hit for all aspiring heroes aged 8 and older. This engaging and interactive game challenges participants to take down floating zombie targets using precision and skill. Whether you're planning a birthday party, a community event, or simply looking for a fun way to entertain guests, our Zombie Shooting Range promises an exciting and memorable experience for everyone involved.


Features and Fun Awaits with Every Shot

Zombie Crossbow and Foam-Tip Arrows

For those who seek the thrill of the hunt, we provide a specially designed Zombie Crossbow, complete with foam-tip arrows that ensure safety while delivering a realistic archery experience. Perfect for older children and adults, this feature adds an authentic touch to the zombie shooting adventure.

Nerf Zombie Strike Blasters

Unleash a barrage of foam darts with our Nerf Zombie Strike Blasters, included in the rental for a seamless and action-packed challenge. These blasters are designed for easy use and are suitable for participants of all skill levels, making them an excellent choice for group play and competition.

Bring Your Own Arsenal

For enthusiasts who have their own collection, our Zombie Shooting Range is compatible with your personal Nerf Strike and Rival Guns. This flexibility allows participants to bring their favorite blasters to the battlefield, enhancing the overall experience and adding a personal touch to the game.

Key Benefits and Entertainment Value

  • Engaging Activity for Ages 8 and Up: Specifically tailored for children, teens, and adults, the Zombie Shooting Range offers a universally appealing challenge that captivates imaginations and encourages active participation.

  • Safe and Interactive Gameplay: With foam-tip arrows and Nerf blasters, participants can enjoy the excitement of zombie target shooting in a completely safe environment, making it an ideal addition to any event.
  • Perfect for Various Events: Whether it's a themed birthday party, a Halloween event, or a fun day at a school or community gathering, the Zombie Shooting Range fits seamlessly into any setting, providing entertainment that stands out.

Transform your next event into an action-packed adventure with our Zombie Shooting Range. Bounce House Broward invites you to step into a world of excitement and challenge where only the best shots can survive the zombie apocalypse. Contact us today to book the Zombie Shooting Range for your next event in Broward County and become the hero of your own zombie saga.



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