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Nerf Guns Party Rental

Nerf Guns Party Rental

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Nerf Gun Party Rental

Take your celebrations to the next level with Bounce House Broward's Ultimate Nerf Gun Party Package, the perfect addition to any family gathering, school celebration, or neighborhood event in Broward County, Florida. Our Nerf War Party Package is a crowd-pleaser that promises to leave an unforgettable impression on all your guests. At Bounce House Broward, we're excited to expand our offering to include dynamic party activities that cater to the entire family.


Where can I create my Nerf Gun Arena?

Transform your chosen venue, whether it's a backyard or a local park, into an action-packed Nerf arena battlefield designed for an intense 8 vs 8 showdown. Our package features the elite Nerf Elite Series Guns, providing a premium battle experience. Each participant is equipped with top-of-the-line Nerf guns, plenty of ammo, safety goggles, and vibrant team jerseys to ensure a safe, organized, and exhilarating experience.


How can I expand my Nerf Arena Battlefield?

Choose to enhance the experience with extra inflatable bunkers, creating the perfect hideouts and adding an element of strategy to the games.


What's the age group recommended for the Nerf Gun Parties?

Our Nerf War Party Package is designed with inclusivity in mind, making it an ideal choice for both children and adults. This means the whole family can join in on the fun, with easy-to-handle guns and ammo that even the youngest members can enjoy. We recommend that this Nerf Gun Party be considered for those ages 6 to 12. This Nerf party package is a perfect birthday party game for backyards and parks. Perfect for family picnics, corporate parties, community activities and other large group events looking for children’s entertainment.


Bounce House Broward is your premier destination for not just bounce houses but now, thrilling backyard games and activities that grow with your family. Elevate your next party with our Nerf Gun Party Package and create lasting memories with a day filled with fun, teamwork, and adventure.


Nerf Gun Rental includes:

  • 8 nerf hand guns
  • 8 inflatable bunkers (4 crates and 4 barrels)

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