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Ghost Cocktail Chair barstool

Ghost Cocktail Chair barstool

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Ghost Chairs Rental for all kind of Events

Streamlined Delivery Service

We prioritize your convenience with our straightforward delivery service. Chairs will be delivered to your event location in bulk. It's important to note that our service includes delivery to your venue but does not extend to individual setup or arrangement of chairs. This ensures we can maintain efficiency and focus on providing high-quality rentals directly to you.

Self-Managed Setup and Breakdown

To ensure a seamless experience for both parties, clients are responsible for the setup and breakdown of rented chairs. After your event concludes, we request that all chairs be piled up together in a designated area for pickup. This process helps streamline the collection and ensures that no chair is left behind, allowing you to focus on wrapping up your event smoothly.

Exclusive Rental Bundle Offer

Our elegant ghost chairs are available exclusively as part of a rental bundle. To access our chair rentals, a bounce house or tent must be included in your order. This approach allows us to deliver comprehensive event solutions tailored to your needs. A minimum order value of $100 is required for delivery, ensuring optimal service and convenience for your event planning.

Understanding Delivery Charges

A fixed delivery charge of $30 is applied to orders that include only tables and chairs, covering the logistical aspects of delivering these essential items to your event location efficiently and reliably.

Reserve Your Chairs Today

Guarantee your guests a comfortable and stylish seating experience at your next event with our ghost chair rentals. Designed to complement any setting, these chairs are not just functional; they elevate the elegance of your event. Contact us to include these exquisite chairs in your rental package, ensuring your event is as comfortable as it is memorable.


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